because it’s difficult to be mature when you really need to be a child, because problems don’t come one by one, the come along crowded, because it’s simple when you look back and not when it’s happening….

because this is life, and you learn more and more day by day, you live your life, not only passing by….

because it’s fun to be in charge of everything that’s happening to you, and when you don’t, you only feel safe if someone you love is.

because it’s energy that runs through your veins, but is is also pain, fatigue, stress and mixed feelings

because even you don’t know what’s happening in your head or your soul

because this is what the world names growing up, and I name it living your life

it’s not growing up….it is complicating the situation by knowing and finding out more and more

but…without bitter taste, you have no idea of sweet, so let’s have fun