Silence and ignorance!

When I commit to something it is for real,

When I know that something belongs to me, I work really hard to achieve it, to get it, because this means that you care about the things you do.

I care about the people I have around, so I try to show them that.

And when someone comes, rushes in my life and then disappears, she or he leaves  a big stain on my soul.

It is like my soul is composed of puzzles, and the people whom I love have one piece of it, but then, they forget about that, they get used to that piece and they don’t observe how getting away from me can destroy the integrity of my soul.

Stop it, people! If you don’t want to commit, stop messing around with people hearts, stop exploring someone just because you like the process. It is painful and really disappointing.

Yes, I do like exploring people, but when I start finding more about them I bond with them and then, It is hard for me to break all the friendship and disappear.

I don’t take off without an explanation and I DO say goodbye.

STOP messing with my soul, stop being nice and good to me, stop getting what you want from me and then simply fade, be silent, be absent, be ignorant!!!!!!

STOP appearing when I need you less, just stop being an insensible human being who uses people for its own benefit. It is no good or healthy!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: iblamesun

I live what I'm feeling I feel my heart beating I love, I trust, I run and hide Catch me....

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