Lessons #2

This week I will leave some excerpts from the articles or books I’ve read:

1. Leadership is pursuit – pursuit of excellence, of elegance, of truth, of what’s next, of what if, of change, of value, of results, of relationships, of service, of knowledge, and of something bigger than yourself. In the text that follows I’ll examine the value of being a pursuer. Pursue discovery, seek dissenting opinions, develop your ability unlearn by embracing how much you don’t know, and find the kind of vision that truly does see around corners. Don’t use your pursuits to shift paradigms, pursue breaking them. Knowing what not to pursue is just as important as knowing what to pursue.

2. People are important and letting them know about this is really essential to a healthy relationship, either if it is with a colleague or someone from your family.

3. The game: I like, I wish, I wonder. The concept is simple. The team stands in a circle and discusses the past week, the only restriction being that each person must start his or her statement with “I like…”, “I wish…” or “I wonder…”. It is recommended to keep the statements succinct and to avoid responding till the end of debrief. Lastly, any topic of interest is fair game.

4. We must be aware that we hold the ultimate power to define who we are. Our past does not determine our present or future. Take action and claim your new, empowering identity, starting today.


Lessons #1

During my learning experience I always wanted to make some kind of book with the lessons I learned and I will always remember.

It didn’t happen until now and I am thinking to make it a tradition.

So, it started last week when I was watching more closely the coursera.org course on International Organizations Management and it occurred to me that I have so much to learn but because of me being busy and rushing into this life I forget all the valuable things.

Thinking about it I decided to make a weekly post with 5 to 10 things that I need to remember from the experience lived during 7 days.

These are the first:

1. Being professional is being responsible for you actions and measuring them.

2. Traveling around the world will help you develop your open mindness and your views on life. It doesn’t matter where are you from, it matters how you treat people.

3. Courage is the soul’s need of freedom.

4. The past is in the past, the future is in the future and you live in present, so live it to its fullest.

5. By asking people for help, advices and opinions you learn a lot much faster and you are becoming stronger from inside.

6. Plans are made to be followed but it is ok to change them, sometimes pleasant surprises can appear.

7. Communication is very important to all human beings and if we take this into consideration we help ourselves and the communities we live in very much.

8. To remember things about people is nice and to let them know this, also. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when someone discovers you remember some small facts about them.

9. Taking your time in a noisy, crowded place is really easy, just think about how happy you are to be living on this Earth.

10. Relax, breathe in, breathe out, eventually things will be ok.