Stronger than ever

It’s hard and challenging, it’s fun and yet overwhelming, it is interesting, full of adventures even if you feel tired. The mixed feelings when you do your best, you try harder and you succeed, because there are no other options. You fail, and your failures are the best lessons in the world. But you grow, and by growing I mean that you learn through all the experience you get and this is the best feeling ever.

Because you do everything with passion. And passion is a word that needs to be understood by more people. Passion is when you’re battery is low and you find strength to smile and do the work you need to do, passion is when you are looking for different solutions to one single question. Passion is when you give yourself 100% and you feel that everything around you responds with a good vibe.

I like to see how people grow, I like helping them grow, because every single person that I’ve met in my life had a story and a strength. I like to see them develop it and if I have luck to help them see it I feel happy.

I am thankful to people that saw my strength and gave me the benefit of a doubt, helped me, I am thankful to the patience with which they worked with me. Give people credit, believe in them and help them see the best in them and you’ll have the pleasure to learn from them. Ask people what are their values, why they live on earth and this will make them think and maybe see the world from another point of view. And have patience. The sun comes out only after a dark night.

And a question: What passion of yours would you develop if given all the money you need(photography, arts, mechanics, etc)?

I am still thinking