Follow your dreams

Your body communicates with you, because you are your body and all the experiences you have can be understood through your health history.

During your lifetime you choose a path, you always have to choose. And everytime you ask yourself if it is the right decision.

We start when we are little, when parents ask us what do we want to eat, to read, to dress with. After a certain age decisions become more hard to take, what school to attend, what major to choose, with whom to be friends and what activities to have besides school.

And everytime we ask ourselves, “is it what I really want, is it the right thing to do?”.

The past years, since a friend of mine told me that your body communicates with you through your diseases and pains I started to be more careful to how I feel after certain actions of mine and indeed, when I did something not good for me I was instantly becoming more ill.

I had 2 surgical interventions, both of them because of my lack of expressing what I feel and stress.

I was harming myself by falling down, bruising myself, not intentionally when I took some bad decisions(I was thinking they are good, my subcounscius didn’t).

For 3 weeks now I had to take a decision, a big important one for me. It was about following my dream on an uncertain path or chosing to grow my experience and change some important aspects of my life, but more certain and less risky.

I had 3 weeks of pains, fatigue and storm in my mind and when I finally took the decision all got into its places. There was no headache, no backpains or so on.

I chose to follow my dream, to try, to go back  to where I started some time ago and pursue it.

And it feels great, like there are no limits!

Grateful to my body and the people around me 🙂