What really matters

Time will show you what really matters?

You read this quote and you ask yourself, have you found out already what matters to you? Do you really know where you are going and how you are going to work?

Because life gives you so many opportunities, and so many colors for your painting that sometimes you are loosing yourself in all that, you chose a easier way, or a more colorful one. But time, time gives you the wisdom, the understanding of your values and the things that matter to you.

It matters when you have where to come back after you go away, you have someone to tell that you love them, you have a meaning, a purpose in you life. It matters when you appreciate your work and other’s as well. It matters when you are the one building your life, hard, with lots of challenges, but in the end you feel fulfilled.

It matters when you take some responsibility for the things happening around you and even get involved in the change.

When you have friends whom you can call whenever you want, you can read a book and enjoy it, you can see the beautiful weather outside.

We grow up and we forget the things that mattered when we are little, but those are the real generators of happiness. I’ll write here what made me happy when I was little:being able to read a book full of adventures, taking a walk in the woods with my family, riding a bike around the village I lived in, taking photos, being able to taste all the good fruits, Easter, having my grandfather to tell stories about his WW II childhood(funny one’s), painting, learning a new language, and discovering the stories of the people around me, my friends, best friends.

What matters to you, dear reader? What makes you happy?


Author: iblamesun

I live what I'm feeling I feel my heart beating I love, I trust, I run and hide Catch me....

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