Becoming the Universe

The street lights are on, you can see some random people passing, either going home or somewhere where they are expected.

I wonder sometimes, are those people happy? What are they thinking in the moments of riding the bike, are they sad, thoughtful, nervous or they are just enjoying the moment?

Will those people get where they want to, or will the stop at a crossroad and wonder where to go next.

I enjoy watching people read…you discover a totally different person depending on what the person is reading. It can be a happy person, a desperate one, or a totally mystique one.

Same thing you can say about a dancing person, so much can be understood from just the moves.

And even though our non-verbal language is yelling to us sometimes about a person’s need, we tend to not see it, we are drawn in our own thoughts, our world. We rush through life and keep on doing the same thing again and again, building habits we need and others we don’t, but we forget to be human, to let our emotions speak, let our bodies understand each other, understand energies and respond to it.

When people are in flow, with their inner self and the world around them, good things happen, not even noticing, people become the Universe.