Just be

When you live alone for a long time you start loving your loneliness, you grow to be yourself, to be honest, to look yourself in the mirror and see yourself as you are, flawed, with a lot of insecurities, full of love, passion, curiosity, and at the same time hiding it all inside.

You become an infinite universe, and at some point you don’t even know if you want to be discovered or not, because you know that what you are now is what you’ve always wanted to be: present, alive, feeling each moment as it is.

Yes, bad things happen, yes, life sometimes gives you lemons, but you take them, make a juice, or some cookies, look at their yellow colors and you are happy that life gave you at least something. There are people who receive nothing, feel nothing and have nothing.

And this state of mind of yours, this loneliness of yours is part of the equilibrium, part of accepting yourself as you are. Being like this is not easy, you always walk on a thin line, you’re on the edge of being overwhelmed by daily life or absorbing yourself in self love, egoism and lust.

Love, love yourself and love others, feel, feel the world around you, the rush, the good eyes laid on you, listen, to the sound of wind, to the sound of your heartbeat, enjoy the moment, as it is, you can lose all of this, you can forget some important parts of you, but you should never forget about you.

You are worth every minute of your life, you are beautiful the way you are, you are more than others see and you should not be afraid of showing that. Be vulnerable, be authentic, just BE.

Don’t forget, live!