Stronger than ever

It’s hard and challenging, it’s fun and yet overwhelming, it is interesting, full of adventures even if you feel tired. The mixed feelings when you do your best, you try harder and you succeed, because there are no other options. You fail, and your failures are the best lessons in the world. But you grow, and by growing I mean that you learn through all the experience you get and this is the best feeling ever.

Because you do everything with passion. And passion is a word that needs to be understood by more people. Passion is when you’re battery is low and you find strength to smile and do the work you need to do, passion is when you are looking for different solutions to one single question. Passion is when you give yourself 100% and you feel that everything around you responds with a good vibe.

I like to see how people grow, I like helping them grow, because every single person that I’ve met in my life had a story and a strength. I like to see them develop it and if I have luck to help them see it I feel happy.

I am thankful to people that saw my strength and gave me the benefit of a doubt, helped me, I am thankful to the patience with which they worked with me. Give people credit, believe in them and help them see the best in them and you’ll have the pleasure to learn from them. Ask people what are their values, why they live on earth and this will make them think and maybe see the world from another point of view. And have patience. The sun comes out only after a dark night.

And a question: What passion of yours would you develop if given all the money you need(photography, arts, mechanics, etc)?

I am still thinking


Rezolutii pentru 2014

Eu nu masor anii dupa calendar, la fel cum nici zilele, timpul pentru mine se scurge dupa numarul de evenimente intamplate.

Eu nu ma uit la oameni doar din exterior, oamenii sunt pentru mine emotiile traite si starile avute alaturi de ei.

O zi de iarna mi-a dat de inteles ca oricat as incerca sa ma schimb, tot la bazele mele ajung, alta de primavara mi-a adus un zambet enorm cand mi-am dat seama care este cheia succesului si anume sa-i lasi pe oameni sa te cunoasca si sa-i cunosti si tu pe ei.

Iulie m-a coborat cu picioarele pe pamant si mi-a dat de inteles ca nu-s superom, care poate face tot ce-si propune si reuseste. Trebuie sa ai un focus si sa-ti alegi prioritatile. August m-a invatat ce inseamna iertarea si cat de usor este dupa ce lasi toata supararea in urma.

Septembrie cred ca m-a invatat ca departarea nu conteaza intr-o prietenie. Prietenii care vor sa-ti fie alaturi, iti vor fi, indiferent daca unu-i in Moldova, Italia, Belgia sau Franta.

Octombrie mi-a reconfirmat de ce ma consider junior entrepreneur si de ce sa faci parte dintr-o organizatie internationala de tineri este foarte fain. Pentru ca fiind tanar tu ai puterea de decizie, tu esti si tu-ti modelezi viitorul, oricat de idealist asta n-ar suna, dar parintii nostri sau bunicii n-au cum sa decida pentru noi, ei au trait alte timpuri si ei vor trai alte timpuri, noi in schimb suntem in sine niste schimbari, noi cautam, cercetam si incercam, noi suntem viitorul.

Ca deobicei ultimile luni din an iti aduc aminte ca esti om, ca obosesti si ai nevoie de pauza…cine-o fi inventat doar vara pentru pauza? Noi iarna ar trebui sa intram in hibernare, in patut, la caldut si cu ceiut si desigur cei dragi alaturi.

Anul 2013 a inceput furtunos pentru mine si m-am simtit exact ca dupa o furtuna….deodata intri intr-u vartej si crezi ca nu mai ai scapare, dar lucrurile revin la normal. Desigur ca incepi sa cauti din toate ramasitele lucrurile de care chiar ai nevoie si dupa ce termini traiesti cu speranta ca ai facut alegerile bune.


Dar, e sfarsit de an si eu ma simt impacata cu mine, o fi insemnand ca au fost bune?


How to tell a great story, visualized

I like the way the advices are presented. How to make a great speach

TED Blog

A good story can make a campfire that much eerier. A good story can flip a conversation at a party from completely awkward to wonderful. [ted_talkteaser id=1379]A good story can glue your nose to a book. And, on screen, a good story can rivet generation after generation.

So, uh, how do you tell one?

Andrew Stanton, the Pixar writer and director behind both Toy Story and WALL-E, has many ideas, and he shared his expertise in his TED Talk, The clues to a great story. Below, see his golden rules of storytelling visualized by Karin Hueck and Rafael Quick of the Brazilian culture and science magazine Superinteressante. Each month, the magazine’s editors take a TED Talk and give it to their graphic wizards to interpret in any way they see fit. Here, a reimagining of Stanton’s talk on stories. Via the Ugly Duckling. Just click the image…

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I <3 JADE (Romania especially)

Mi-a luat ceva timp ca sa inteleg, a crescut in mine pas cu pas, etapa cu etapa, dar cred ca oricum a fost dragoste la prima vedere.

Stiu ca inca de cand eram in DaAfaceri si cercetam cam ce am putea sa facem ca sa trecem la o alta etapa a organizatiei am dat peste o informatie despre JADE. Mi-am zis ca ar fi interesant dar parea prea greu de realizat asa ca am lasat-o balta.

Peste mai putin de jumatate de an, Adriana, colega mea de board mi-a zis ca a aparut o oportunitate si ar fi interesant sa aflam mai multe despre:a deveni Junior Enterprise.  Au fost provocari mari, etape importante facute cu pasi gigantici si toate astea pentru a creste si a dezvolta o organizatie.

Cand m-am decis sa fac parte din echipa JADE Romania nu prea stiam ce este JADE de fapt, eram motivata sa aflu, sa descopar, sa cunosc oamenii, organizatiile si cultura, pentru ca aveam un sentiment ca this is it, este despre mine si ma defineste. Mi-a luat aproape un an sa inteleg alegerea facuta si o diversitate de emotii ca sa-mi dau seama care anume imi reprezenta atitudinea fata de JADE.

JADE Romania este despre provocare, modelarea unui concept si transmiterea lui, despre credinta si identificare cu el. JADE Romania este despre profesionalism, pasiune si munca, despre construirea unor procese, despre cum sa cresti o organizatie si s-o faci vizibila, despre oameni si nivelul de pregatire de care dau dovada, despre excitement si despre determinare. Inveti mult, gresesti si inveti, castigi si inveti, cunosti si esti mai curios de fiecare data.

Sa ai o echipa care este la fel de motivata ca tine, care e pe aceeasi lungime de unda este minunat. Sa lucrezi cu oameni, care zi de zi iti demonstreaza ca poti mai multe, care te provoaca sa iti testezi limitele si cu care impreuna esti sigura ca vei reusi este de-a dreptul fantastic. Planuri, idei de activitati, probleme si solutii si dorinta puternica de a fi mai buni, de a convinge si altii sa ne urmeze sunt parte din activitatea noastra zilnica.

Asta facem in fiecare zi si de asta azi recunosc-I love JADE!DSC_0381

Lessons #2

This week I will leave some excerpts from the articles or books I’ve read:

1. Leadership is pursuit – pursuit of excellence, of elegance, of truth, of what’s next, of what if, of change, of value, of results, of relationships, of service, of knowledge, and of something bigger than yourself. In the text that follows I’ll examine the value of being a pursuer. Pursue discovery, seek dissenting opinions, develop your ability unlearn by embracing how much you don’t know, and find the kind of vision that truly does see around corners. Don’t use your pursuits to shift paradigms, pursue breaking them. Knowing what not to pursue is just as important as knowing what to pursue.

2. People are important and letting them know about this is really essential to a healthy relationship, either if it is with a colleague or someone from your family.

3. The game: I like, I wish, I wonder. The concept is simple. The team stands in a circle and discusses the past week, the only restriction being that each person must start his or her statement with “I like…”, “I wish…” or “I wonder…”. It is recommended to keep the statements succinct and to avoid responding till the end of debrief. Lastly, any topic of interest is fair game.

4. We must be aware that we hold the ultimate power to define who we are. Our past does not determine our present or future. Take action and claim your new, empowering identity, starting today.

Lessons #1

During my learning experience I always wanted to make some kind of book with the lessons I learned and I will always remember.

It didn’t happen until now and I am thinking to make it a tradition.

So, it started last week when I was watching more closely the course on International Organizations Management and it occurred to me that I have so much to learn but because of me being busy and rushing into this life I forget all the valuable things.

Thinking about it I decided to make a weekly post with 5 to 10 things that I need to remember from the experience lived during 7 days.

These are the first:

1. Being professional is being responsible for you actions and measuring them.

2. Traveling around the world will help you develop your open mindness and your views on life. It doesn’t matter where are you from, it matters how you treat people.

3. Courage is the soul’s need of freedom.

4. The past is in the past, the future is in the future and you live in present, so live it to its fullest.

5. By asking people for help, advices and opinions you learn a lot much faster and you are becoming stronger from inside.

6. Plans are made to be followed but it is ok to change them, sometimes pleasant surprises can appear.

7. Communication is very important to all human beings and if we take this into consideration we help ourselves and the communities we live in very much.

8. To remember things about people is nice and to let them know this, also. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when someone discovers you remember some small facts about them.

9. Taking your time in a noisy, crowded place is really easy, just think about how happy you are to be living on this Earth.

10. Relax, breathe in, breathe out, eventually things will be ok.

planurile mari se intampla pas cu pas

Cand ai o idee in cap si ea acolo creste si se dezvolta si are viata ei, stii ca ti-ai gasit pasiunea.

Cand traiesti si orice minuta libera(sau aproape orice) o petreci gandindu-te la ce vrei sa faci, cum vei face, transpui pe foaie, post-it-uri, pe mail, blog, etc iti ai seama ca THIS IS IT! Ti s-a oferit o sansa, ai ocazia sa faci ceea ce-ti place.

Si nu conteaza ca de multe ori nu stii de unde sa o apuci, cu putina munca, input si feedback ajungi sa realizezi lucruri pe care vroiai sa le faci demult.

Uneori este nevoie de o serie de evenimente, unele fericite, altele mai putin care-ti deschid o cu totul alta perspectiva.

Si o chestie de care de multe ori ma conving. Puterea unei dorinte si a unui vis e intr-atat de mare, incat tu faci inconstient lucrurile care sa te duca la asta. Mai am putin pentru a-mi confirma teoria, dar simt ca e pe-aproape 🙂